Truck-Lite Lights Logo Wheeling Truck Center/ is one of the largest distributors of Truck-Lite Lights online.  Our extensive catalog lists over 400 lights available for purchase online, and we have the ability to supply the entire line of Truck-Lite products via special orders.  Why bother with other sites that don't have the lights you need, or worse yet take forever to deliver.  We have a large inventory of Truck-Lite lights in stock and ready to ship to you immediately.  We carry Truck-Lite Lights for trucks including LED Marker Lights, Turn Signal Switches & Lights, Tail Lights, Strobes and Beacons, Grommet Mounts and Kits, Dome Lights, Backup Lights, Stop Tail Turn Lights, and more.

Fifty years ago, Truck-Lite began with an ingenious idea that sparked a revolution in truck and trailer safety lighting. Tackling the problem of shortened lamp life, Truck-Lite designed the first sealed marker lamp. Starting out of a quality-controlled kitchen sink, Truck-Lite transformed vehicle lighting, and established their roots as the industry’s leading innovator.

Since its inception, Truck-Lite has experienced significant growth, and has continued to reinforce its image with creative and quality products. Soon after the first marker lamp Truck-Lite created the industry’s first sealed stop, turn and tail lamps. The leak-free lamp decreased the defects normally caused from water and chemical damage to bulbs.

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If you're not sure which light you may need please contact us, or use our Truck-Lite Cross Reference Catalog.

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Truck-Lite Model 10 Lights

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Truck-Lite Model 12 Lights

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Truck-Lite Model 45 Lights

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Truck-Lite Model 60 Lights